• Brighton Gay Pride

    England → Brighton 05.08 - 08.08 2021

    Brighton Gay Pride is one of the most popular pride events in the UK. There is a popular parade through the streets of Brighton on the Saturday morning followed by huge festival event in Preston Park. Around 160,000 participants and spectators arrive in the St James Street area for the city’s biggest street party.

    There is a Pride Village Street Party with 2 days of fund raising and entertainment.  Withing the entertainment zone there are different areas for bears, cabaret and disco etc.

    There are the official parties and events which generally make the Brighton Pride celebrations a full on party weekend for all attendees.

  • Amsterdam Canal Pride

    Netherlands → Amsterdam 06.08 - 08.08 2021

    Amsterdam Gay Pride is a 3-day event with the main pride parade on the canal. You will find  all weekend long, the best city packed with thousands of LGBTQ community tourists and locals. The highlight of the weekend is the Canal Parade which starts around 12:30 and will take all afternoon.

    The sides of the canals or balconies of any houses that have a view of the canal with spectators. Book your accommodation early as generally all of sells out week in advance of the event.

  • Montreal Gay Pride

    Canada → Montreal 09.08 - 15.08 2021

    Fierté Montréal, also called Montreal Pride, is an annual LGBT pride festival in Montreal, Quebec. The event was founded in 2007 and the largest LGBTQ festival in Canada and francophone world with the 11-day event attracting more than 2.5 million local and international visitors

    The parade is typically attended by the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau whom normally walks the length of the parade.

  • Copenhagen World Pride

    Denmark → Copenhagen 12.08 - 22.08 2021

    A celebration of equality and diversity in the 2 Scandinavian cities of Copenhagen and Malmö as they host World Pride in 2021.

    The highlight of the World Pride event is the parade on Saturday 21 August 2021. Starting at 1200 from Axel Møllers Have, Frederiksberg to Copenhagen Rådhus which is approximately 4 kilometres.

    A large crowd expected as last years EuroPride was cancelled and World Pride events tend to attract tourists from around the world.

  • Antwerp Gay Pride

    Belgium → Antwerp 12.08 - 15.08 2021

    Antwerp in the Flemish part of Belgium is an open-minded small city with a population of around 600,000. Antwerp actually staged Belgium’s first GLBT Pride Parade in 1979. The week-long pride activities include a mixture of activities with several different themes including drag & fetish

    The parade departs from Sint-Jansplein at 14.00 and passes through different neighbourhoods to Gedempte Zuiderdokken. There is an after party at the Steenplein on the riverside and a closing party on Sunday at the Grote Market followed by a number of parties and events including Drama Queen and Pink Sunday.

  • Barcelona Pride

    Spain → Barcelona 03.09 - 04.09 2021

    Barcelona hosts every summer, since 2008, the main LGBTI pride celebration. Pride Barcelona runs for a week of different events ending with a parade and party at Plaza Espanya. Move from June to September for 2021.

    Typically, more than 250,000 people come every year, making it one of the most popular Prides in Europe. Book your accommodation in advance as the city gets sold out in advance.

  • Rio De Janerio Gay Pride

    Brazil → Rio De Janerio 05.09 - 07.09 2021

    Rio’s LGBTQ Pride Parade is attended by approximately 1.2 million attendees. The starting point is Posto 6 close to Ipanema and Copacabana along Copacabana Beach and will end at Posto 2.

    Typically, due to start at 1300 but generally does not start until 1430 with multiple floats from commercial companies, NGOs, unions and the government. So, take the opportunity to get a tan while partying with the half-naked men, drag queens, DJs and others.

    Different neighbourhoods of Rio also have their own (smaller) gay pride parades. These slightly more relaxed atmosphere events allow you to immerse yourself with the local flavour through music and dancing.

  • Maspalomas Winter Pride

    Spain → Maspalomas (GC) 08.11 - 14.11 2021

    Winter Pride in Maspalomas is the last gay pride celebration in the European calendar year.

    An open-air event when the temperatures are turning cold in majority of European cities this even is popular for the hot temperatures, hot guys and fun events. The event is a week of amazing events with live shows with international artists, pool parties, boat excursions, dance sessions and a great parade. Held at the Yumbo centre where the majority of the gay bars and clubs are located. A party week all under one roof.

    The resort is generally sold out in advance so book your accommodation in advance to not be disappointed and to have best choice of places to stay.

  • Lisbon Arraial Pride

    Portugal → Lisbon 25.06 - 25.06 2022

    The main LGBTQ event is the Arraial parade and political demonstration with a different theme every year. The event is organized by several Portuguese LGBTQ associations.

    The main event is a parade that starts on Saturday afternoon around 17.00 at ends with a party in Praca do Comercio. They create a Lisbon Pride Village with a stage and live entertainment and temporary gay bars serving drinks.