• Copenhagen World Pride

    Denmark → Copenhagen 12.08 - 22.08 2021

    A celebration of equality and diversity in the 2 Scandinavian cities of Copenhagen and Malmö as they host World Pride in 2021.

    The highlight of the World Pride event is the parade on Saturday 21 August 2021. Starting at 1200 from Axel Møllers Have, Frederiksberg to Copenhagen Rådhus which is approximately 4 kilometres.

    A large crowd expected as last years EuroPride was cancelled and World Pride events tend to attract tourists from around the world.

  • EuroGames 2021

    Denmark → Copenhagen 18.08 - 21.08 2021

    EuroGames in Copenhagen & Malmo in 2021 will include 29 different sports, all with their own tournaments. All tournaments will take place in either Copenhagen and Malmö between 18-21 August with approximately 5,000 athletes expected to attend. All tournaments will include a series of team sports for male, female or mixed-gender teams.